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NEW m00 TeamSpeak channel

Posted by Stun on 29/07/2013 11:30
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Well you have now, we have a new TeamSpeak channel for everyone to use and would love to have new and former friends drop in and have a chat whenever they want be it when we are playing BF3 or just chilling out.

IP - ts3.killercreation.co.uk:10059

This is new updated ip as our other multiplay coms were too unreliable.

m00 News !!!

Posted by Stun on 25/07/2013 14:13
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Ok well you cannot keep a good cow down and after thought and deliberation we now plan to move moo on wards and upwards especially with BF4 just around the corner. At this present time the clan is 4 strong but we hope to change that in the coming weeks and months with a mixture of relaxed gamers and a portion of players wanting to get in on the competitive side of things.

A server along side a teamspeak server will be shortly coming to help lay the foundations of what we hope will be a long and prosperous time for Sinister Cows.

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